3D printing - from idea to product in minutes

3D printing or additive manufacturing technology (as they are expertly called it) is actually a very easy way to create an item that you designed in a specialized program on your computer in a short time.

Want to create your own item?
Have an idea for a new product and want to create a prototype or model of your item?
We offer a fast and professional 3d printing service.
3D printing is done with the latest FFF technology, layer by layer.
If you already have a model, send it to us and we will make an offer for you.
To create and estimate costs, we need the old part or the 3d model of the part you want to print.
For 3D printing, you first need to create a 3D model of the print item, whether it is a new or old and used item, contact us for 3D modeling or 3D printing service, info (at) cromaps.com.

The rapid development of computer technology has led to advancements in all business segments. With the development of 3D technology, 3D printing has begun to develop, which today has an irreplaceable role in the industry. For market competitiveness, 3D printing enables rapid prototyping of models that then lead to final solutions, which until recently has been a long process. 3D modeling is becoming more and more prevalent, there are many tools used to create virtual models that become real with the help of 3D printers, and with prototypes, they also create various tools. Once a very expensive technology, it is nowadays increasingly present in other branches of the business due to low prices.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by computers every day, be it smartphones, tablets or PCs, and so unknowingly live in 3D 

to the virtual world. The 3D technique is becoming more widespread and easily recognizable, and most importantly, it attracts a lot of attention. When playing computer games, shopping through various web stores, we enter the virtual world, and now with the help of a 3D printer everything that is virtual can be presented as realistic.

A 3D printer creates a solid 3D object out of different materials, instead of creating a simple paper document like a "paper" printer.

The best description of how a 3D printer works is that the document, or model, is printed layer by layer by stacking certain material to the finished product.

3D printing or direct digital production is a revolutionary segment of modern technology, and in the coming decade it will be used to build everything from home to airplanes, food, and even replacements for tissue and organs from our own cells. Every day, new 3D printing applications are more developed around the world, and even in a universe where NASA is testing such designs that will function in zero gravity and support human exploration of other planets.

Currently, it is the most represented in the industry, where there is a great battle with the speed of project implementation, and with the help of 3D printers reduced the time of prototyping itself, increased the possibility of continuous innovations and additions and creation of reduced prototypes for better estimates of the final model. Technology is increasingly represented in medicine where the manufacturing process itself is best seen. From an image that is modeled into the smallest detail, it is possible to see the problem in detail and thus correct it. 3D prints are increasingly used in the implantation of hips, jaws, pelvis and other body parts. 3D printing is a modern technology that is evolving every day and contributing to the development of science and art.