Quality in vector format, through the experience of more than 25 years, delivered more than 200 wall maps, gives us the right to introduce ourselves and offer our products related to cartography.

Thematic and tourist maps are nowadays necessary not only for tourist destinations but also for municipalities, regions, local communities, various associations and societies. The content of the thematic maps is mainly tourist and city infrastructure, mountain and hiking trails, bicycle trails, thematic and educational trails ... and are placed on promotional material, transparent information boards, touch screen applications and websites.

It is possible to create any thematic or similar maps in paper or digital (raster) form. The content and format of the theme map are tailored to the customer's wishes as much as possible. You can choose thematic characters or pictograms according to your wishes or design them for you. We have accumulated many years of experience in cartography in this area, so making thematic maps is one of our most important services.

The possibilities for choosing a bike trip are limitless, so we have to plan on trails that meet the requirements - weight, length, basis and safety. The task of CroMaps is therefore to map four elements onto the map along the entire topographic basis, so that the map user can then choose the most optimal cycling route for himself or choose one of the suggestions already prepared.

Mapping maps have been made at various scales to better understand the road categorization, road length, slope along the ground and road surface. Bike lanes are usually drawn in red or dashed lines. We create custom bicycle maps for any area, municipality, region, etc.

Beach info board

Key elements highlighted in Croatian and English should be:
· Name of the beach
· The name of the beach theme - with a brief description of the specificity of the beach and the visual identity of the beach brand (logo)
· A mapping of the beach
· Graphical representation (pictograms) of beach facilities (showers, sanitary facilities, catering facilities, sports, recreational, entertaining facilities, info points, rescue zones 

service ...)
· phone numbers:
112 - State Information and Communication Protection and Rescue System
195 Offshore Search and Rescue Service
 diving beach - indicate the number of the nearest bar
· Bathing rules of conduct (the basic rules of behavior are universal, but depending on the topic, some specifics are added, such as rules for the behavior of owners and dogs on dog beaches, rules of behavior on eco-beaches, rules of behavior in resort / hotel beaches, etc.)
· Dog restriction marks (except in the case of a dog beach)

Info boards - billboard

Using cartography for info boards or as a billboard. All maps are our own copyrighted works to which we have exclusive rights, and which we are solely able to transfer to legal entities with the Agreement in writing.

The city plan advertising billboard is set up in the city center and by its appearance should attract the passers-by, but also provide information on the city plan as useful signposts. As a rule, billboards are erected on public areas and other areas owned by the City, the fee is paid to the City, and whoever has some requirements for erecting a billboard on a public area should first contact the City, or the Managing Board for the economy and utilities or companies that have a concession to carry out that activity.

The use of our tickets is also possible on info boards placed at the city's frequency location (the center, within the panel at the bus stop and the like). Creating an info board is a "brown signage" - signs and info boards with cultural and historical sites, is an internationally recognized way of guiding tourists through an area.

It has been set up in Croatia since 2002, but this work has been going very slowly. In order to speed it up, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) has decided to co-finance a brown signal project with more money, which should make it easier for all visitors to tourist centers in Croatia to navigate the roads and in towns and cities. The CNTB co-finances the preparation, production and installation of tourist signage with as much as 50 percent of the total project value to continental Croatian tourist boards.