We perform professional aerial photography for private and business clients. Recording is organized and performed throughout Europe.

Advertisements for villas, apartments, campsites, beaches, construction sites or events.

We shoot with a drone in 4K resolution, which guarantees you the highest quality videos.

There are no barriers to filming, we can accomplish your every idea.

The drone shots remain unforgettable and always attractive ...

All flights are officially announced and registered with the Civil Aviation Agency.

Our drone recordings are licensed for use by the State Geodetic Authority.

We have had almost 30 years of experience in professional TV production, so we can offer you the ultimate final product, whether it be exclusively aerial photography or a complete visual solution where aerial photography is only one of the important production segments.

Every drone, even the smallest drone, is a participant in air traffic. In this regard, every professional unmanned aerial vehicle operator must ensure that its flight does not endanger people and property. We do all our activities solely in accordance with the law, so our aircraft have all the necessary permits and approvals.

Our handlers are experienced "pilots" and have all the necessary licenses and licenses. Safety comes first, and we approach every new project with the utmost care. Practically every drone flight or every aerial shooting must be properly approved. Otherwise, there are several legal provisions that are subject to high penalties. We take care of this and handle all the administration we need. It's up to you to just tell us what and how you want to shoot. We provide an invoice for each recording.