Island Krk

The biggest, most diverse and most developed island in the most lovely sea in the world - the island of Krk is here in front of you. Whether you have landed at Rijeka Airport on Krk, come over Krk Bridge, the world's biggest arch bridge, or arrived by sea, whether you intend to go on to the neighbouring islands of Cres, Losinj or Rab, or stay on our island, we would like to welcome you and wish you a pleasant stay among us. And express our gratitude for having visited us, having stayed, even for a short time, among friends. As well as the hope that thanks to you other guests will come to us too, by air, land or sea, always welcome, time after time. In ever increasing numbers, for you will all of you be delighted with the nature and with the people, your hosts. This is a hard-working world.

For millennia it has had to extract the stuff of life from the bare rock, and its necessities from the "fields of blue". For fishing is a permanent feature of the life of the people of this country, shown by the great number of ships and boats always to be found and by the abundance of fresh fish on the tables of gourmets. Thanks to the sea and proximity of the mainland, which has always formed part of Croatia, Krk has never been without its links with the world. 

Then there is the millennial symbiosis of Romance and Croatian stock, a proof of the openness of the men and women here, the hospitality of a loyal friend who never stands by with his hands in his pockets. People of the present have always built their world with a belief in people, in connections with the world. That is why the friends of your friends are our friends too. The lovely nature typical of the Mediterrane- an clime, with the all the vegetation that accompanies it, the grapes, figs and almonds, the rosemary and the laurel and the great expanses of pine and holm oak stretching down to the sea, is a source of enjoyment to all those who spend their holiday in the Drazica hotel complex, including the Drazica and Koralj hotels and their annexes, and in the Marina hotel in an exceptionally picturesque part of the harbour of Krk, known even before our era, which Roman galleys sailed into over 2,000 years ago: mercantile and naval vessels whose crews were often from this very countryside.

Two autocamps, Jezevac and FKK Politin will enable you to have a pleasant holiday, free of the worries of the turmoil of the city, in the immediate proximity of the sea, from our tent right into the sea. Modern life drew the people of Krk out beyond the city walls.

A new city arose, a city of beautiful villas and family houses that afford hospitality to hundreds of guests, many of whom have chosen "their own" family, returning to it year after year. The Roman legionnaires were the first to go in for mass tourism in this region. As many as ten thousand at a time would relax in this city on return from some military campaign in the Europe of the time. It was so pleasant for them that they stayed in the town for ever, building here their nests, even their necropolises, in which, with an abundance of lacrimatories and other decorative items, they are still lying. The sun and the ever naturally clean sea, the rich shade of the Mediterranean vegetation. Little beaches for children's first swim, their first strokes. A tranquil sea, delight for sailors, and the exceptional undersea world round the islet of Plavnik with its wealth of corals.

Facilities for all sports and sea trips, to the local Gull Island, with its thousands of elegant white birds, unflagging fliers that follow your every step. And what can one say of a destination that nobody ever misses out on, the islet of Kosljun, an oasis of peace, a treasure-house of the culture of Croatia, with exhibits that are rarities in Europe?

During the summer months, the people of Krk will give provide their guests an abundance of performances on their stages, from the Krk Cathedral, to the crypt of the same place, the atrium of the Franciscan monastery in Krk, and on Kosljun, to the medieval castle of the Frankopan family (12th century). Famous ensembles and top European solo artists have been coming here for forty years. Operas, oratorios, solo concerts by performers on various instruments, dramas, Hamlet on the walls of the city... Lovers of Krk folk culture will be able to take in performances of the traditional music and dance of the region. And in the galleries, there is art of the past and the present. "Splendidissima" is built on the foundations of the pre-Roman settlement.

This is can be seen in the street lay-out, which is almost the same today as it was several thousand years ago. And in the same style the city walls from Roman times had four city gates. The high standards of ancient times ensured the city as many as two thermae or public baths, on which Krk Cathedral was built, the seat of the Bishop of Krk, back in the 5th century. The many medieval remains will enthrall visitors, guests staying in the city and further afield, who will come to look around Krk, a museum city which will always wish them welcome and a pleasant stay among its walls where they will enjoy the citizens' hospitality. Once having been in Krk, you are sure to come back again. Krk's charm is so infectious that one might venture to say that its bed and rich board are a quite minor detail in the town's attractions.