Island Lošinj

Thanks to the extremely mild climate, Veli and Mali Lošinj were declared climatic health resorts as early as 1892. Having more than 100 years of experience in tourism, this area offers ideal conditions for a perfect holiday. With 2600 hours of sun annualy, Mali Lošinj is one of the sunniest areas in Europe. The average temperature in summer is 24°C and the water temperature 25°C. The ideal place to relax and enjoy yourself at any time of the year.

In the southern part ot Cres-Lošinj Archipelago you may experience to the full the genuine scenary of an ancient, little town, Veli Lošinj. This little town in a park, situated in  a well-sheltered bay, is a town of green shadows of pine trees which spread along the coast and rycstal blue sea, sea, a town of botanic exotics wrapped in a veil of ancient eteric smells of domestic plants. This piece of magical sunny land  was discovered more than hundreds of years ago by the Hapsburg Archduke Charls Steven. He used it for his romantic holidays, eternalizing it constructing his castle "Seewarte" and enriched it with a big park, botanic garden of more than 200 imported botanic species. This is Veli Lošinj. The very most of the present day horticultural island treasury. It is a health resort as well, famous for its  mild subtropical Mediterranean climate, with characteristics which have reanimating effect of human organs and  make the stay on the island possible throughout the year.

This lovely and cozy natural and cultural resort has managed to preserve the remains of the oldest cultural sights  which range from the oldest peasant houses to baroque  architecture. We hope that a hundred years' tradition of  tourism and romantic holidays are enough of a challenge  for you to see it for yourselves-thecradle of Veli Lošinj ancestors. Recreation in hotels and the surroundings, tennis, mini golf, bowling, sauna, massage, keep-fit centre