Island Rab

Nature has gifted The Island of Rab with its most richest beauties. To name it as beautiful, clean, intact or pleasant or  worthy for its historical monuments, would be too stereotype a way of describing this place of outmost beauty. One would surely wish to come back to this pearl of the Kvarner Bay upon seeing and experiencing it once in the summer or during its mild winter. The island is approachable by sea through The Velebit Channel, between Jablanac and the quay of Mišnjak, as well as from the open sea. And as the north side of the island reveals its rocky, moon-like landscape covered with wormwood, sage and lavander, the mistral brings the scent of pines and other mediterranean vegetation from its other side. In just a few minutes the eye is filled with greenness-trees, vineyards...

The transparent sea splashes against the rocky, sandy and pebbled beaches of the numberless bays. On every step the expert as well as the tourist are intrigued by the cultural monuments dating from ancient times to contemporary days. Everything on this island is really valuable and extremely beautiful.
As people have always been aware of its riches, today The Island of Rab is one of the most developed islands in The northern Adriatic and in The Republic of Croatia.

Air temperature: 16.8°C/year average; sea temperature from May to Semptember: 20°C and above Winds: winter months north wind and south winds summer months the mistral The average temperature being 24°C, never stooping below 10°C during the winter. It is a real blessing for swimming, sunbathing and breathing with full lungs.

Cultural heritage The Island of Rab
Exhibitons. galleries, museums
St. Justin Church, Gornja ulica, collection of sacral objects of the Rab Perish
Gallery Knežev Dvor,
Trg Municipium Arba
Gallery Zubak, Rab, Srednja ulica
Lapidarium, Rab, Gornja ulica

Cultural and historical monuments
Virgin Mary's Assumption Cathedral XII cent
Bell-tower (26 m), end of XII cent., beginning of XIII cent.
St. Anthony's
Church-Monestary XV cent,
Bell-tower from the year 1181.
St. Andrrew's Church, dating from 1020.
St Justine's Church, dating from 1573 and 1578.
Church of The Holy Cross, dating from the XVI cent.
St. John, The Evangelist's Church and Monestary-ruinsdating from X cent. and XI cent, Bell-tower dating from XII cent.
St. Peter's Church in Supetarska Draga, dating from 1059.
Dominis-Nimira Palace, XV cent.
Knežev Dvor, works beginning in XIII cent, terminated XV-XVI cent.
Gradska loža dating from 1509.

Holy mass
Sundays and holidays at 10.00 AM and 6.00 PM The Cathedral.
working hrs: 9.00 AM-1.00 PM and 6.00 PM-8.00 PM
St. Eufemia's Monestery regular exhibition of paintings by Fra A.Testena