Island Susak

A uniquely sandy island for the Adriatic archipelago. It is 3.75 km²  in area, and rich in natural features and its cultural heritage. Although small in area, it has a coastline 11.5 km long offering various diverse sandy beaches, stony bathing places, a clean sea rich in many fish species. On the island there are people who have a particular kind of speech, clothing and way of life of their own; they are hard-working grape-growers and fishermen, many of them now living an expatriate life, especially in the USA. The town of Susak is divided into two characteristic parts. The upper village is older architecturally, and has the remains of a Benedictine convent from the 11th century, with the restored Parish Church of St Nicholas (Nikola). The lower village, more modern, and richer, with fresh water, is close to the pier, and is the first point of contact with new-comers.

On Susak there are several restaurants or bars, two grocery shops and a post-office. Susak is linked by a daily shipping line with Mali Lošinj, and from June to September with Rijeka too. During summer many excursion boats go from Lošinj to Susak. People who want to stay the night in Susak can find various rooms in private houses of various levels of comfort.