Island Unije

The island of Unije an island in the Kvarner Gulf, is 14 nautical miles distant from Lošinj. It has an area of 17 m². Unije has a rich fertile plain, a lot of ground under olive cultivation, while the northern side of the island is overgrown with forest and maquis. There are manypebbled beaches on the island, like Bok, Drestitena, Kambunare, Zajavori, Zasmuokve and Vrulje. The pure sea, the indented coastline full of bays and coves are suitable for modern get-away- from-it-alls, and attract lovers of sea journeys and places that have still not been discovered. The town of Unije has a characteristic architecture of gables open to the sea, the great parish church of St Andrew of the 19th century, a cemetery in the town, and, in the bay called Vrulje, the remains of a Roman villa rustica.

There have been many finds of Roman amphorae underwater. There is a ship every day to and from Lošinj, and during the summer months with Rijeka too. Private accommodation can be found, with a good supply being found in private boarding  houses.