Town Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is situated in the very south of Croatia. It occupies an area of 364.05 square kilometers, from Duboka Ljuta gorge - near the village of Plat to the east to lmotica to the west, a length of 53 kilometers.

The city of Dubrovnik includes the tiny Elaphite archipelago (Šipan, Lopud, Kolocep, Olipe, Tajan, Jakljan, Daksa). The population of 55,638 inhabits the area in 35 places with 17,840 households (an average density of 152 inhabitants per square kilometer numbers from before the Serbian aggression in 1991). The geographical position of the area is typical of the classic Mediterranean or "estasian" climate with mild and damp winters and hot dry summers at quite low air humidity (approx. 2,600 sunny hours), the annual average of rainfall is 1,250 mm.

The average air temperature is 17°C, and the summer sea temperature is 21°C approximately. The maximum change of 4°C is very advantageous to the nervous system and general health. There are many sunny days during the winter months. The average summer temperature of 25°C is refreshed by the gentle "Maestral" - the messenger of lovely weather, whereas, during the cooler months, the "Bura" and "Jugo" winds prevail.

The picturesque landscape: There is a wealth of contrast with bays, beaches, steep cliffs and densely wooded islands.

There is a rich flora: groves of cypress, pine, olive - as well as vineyards and lemon and orange plantations-together with, aromatic herbs and flowers, plus such exotic plants: as palms, agave and cactus, which create a unique atmosphere.

Rich historical legacies, diverse cultural content, the offer of film tourism is based on the fact that in recent years Dubrovnik has been a favourite in the world of well-known locations for capturing attractive serials and films - all of these tourists recognize as attractive reasons for discovering one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.