Town Duga Resa

Duga Resa is a town and municipality in Karlovac County, Croatia. It is located east of Rijeka. Nature is here very different - in the same teritory you can see great woods, green meadows and rocky wilderness by river Mrežnica.

Visitors to Mount Vinica's Tušmer Promenade are able to take pleasant walks or cycle beside the river, or to stroll through the hillside meadows. The beautiful natural hues, the clean and clear waters (water temperature can reach 20°), travertine barriers, cascades, rapids and waterffals are equally attractive for bathers, anglers and for fans of river sports.

Popular activities include fishing, rafting, hunting, boating, swimming, volleyball, soccer, and biking. The local church St. Peters (Sveti Petar) dates back to the 14th century. We especially recommend cycling along beautifully arranged cycle paths along the river Mrežnica. You can get a printed Cycling Ticket at all our restaurants located along the Mrežnica River as well as other information related to recreation and active holidays.