Town Dugo Selo

The town is located 33 km from Zagreb, at the railway junction for the Posavina and the Podravina and along the road to Bjelovar and Koprivnica. As early as the 13th century a Templar settlement existed in the area, and in the 16th century the town was mentioned with the name of Selo (village).

The town covers an area of 51 km² and it consists of numerous settlements. The summit of the hill Martin Breg is situated in the northern part of the town. Most neighborhoods of Dugo Selo are located on the Martin Breg slopes. Dugo Selo is usually considered an exurb of Zagreb. It is also a part of Zagreb metropolitan area.

The parish church of St. Martins was built in 1900 following the drafts of Hermann Bollé.  There is a large restaurant and a discotheque in Martin Breg. In the nearby village of Bozjakovina is the Draskovic manor-house with a park, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century, protected as a horticultural monument. There are many scenic spots in and around Dugo Selo. Martin Breg and the surrounding area is the region of vineyards, orchards and holiday houses. Lakes on Ciglana, the area of artificial lakes, are ideal for angling, relaxation and recreation.

Traditional events, church feasts and customs must also be duly mentioned. Among these especially important for the region are holidays of wine and fruit growers. Vincekovo (St. Vincent’s Day) is celebrated on 22 January on Martin Breg with wine tasting and eating of domestic cuisine specialities. In May, just before the Statehood Day an Exhibition of Wines from Dugo Selo and Vrbovec wine-growing hills is organised on Martin Breg. Martinje (St. Martin’s Day) is observed on 10 and 11 November.