Town Garešnica

Garešnica City Area is located in the southern part of the Bjelovar County and natural-geographic perspective belongs to the Pannonian area Basin of northwestern Croatian. To 1993. The municipal center is Garešnica Garešnica Municipality. The composition of the community are (today's municipality) United Trnovitica, Hercegovac and Berek. Croatian Parliament 1997th year, among others, and Garešnica given city status. The composition of the City Garešnica entering the village from the area of Daruvar, Uljanik, Ghosts, and upper Uljanik Uljanički Brijeg. 

The first records date from about Garešnica 1277.godine. King Ladislav gave Zagreb bishop Timothy estates around Garešnica. In the book "Sketches from the history of Slavonia" Joseph Bösensdorfer, says that the parish Garešnica was one of the twelve parishes which are stretched from Sisak to Virovitica. According to the data, it is the beginning 12.stoljeća, a mid-XIV. Century, the estate Garešnica lower royalty. There are several versions about the origin of the name Garešnica, one more often used, is: "The people in the hills asked the guard reported that the appearance of the Tatars and Mongols burning fire, which was a sign that other people hide and save." It is assumed that the grime from the fire, where the name Garešnica. 

Area of the topographic Garešnica very divorced. According to most landscape features typical of the usual idea of the picturesque, particularly beautiful to the eye, the landscape Moslavine, and it is allocated a whole: 
- Massif Moslavačke up in the northwest with the highest kotom to 486 m nv, which combines their slopes in the central hills area around the city that reaches a height of 100 to 300 seats Dišnik his area, and Bršljanica Trn. Popovac. In this area, rich in wildlife, there are two major fishing grounds. 
- In the northeast along the river downstream Ilovu and places Tomašica Omelet and to the south, where large bodies of water to places ribouzgajališta Ciglenica Kaniška and Iva. 

Cultural and historical heritage of Garešnica have historical, artistic, documentary, architectural and ethnological value in the context of modern trends of development, represents a significant resource for further tourist development. 

The main features of the climate of this area fit in with the general climate of the western part of the Pannonian Plain. This is an area with distinct seasons, where the mixed influences of Eurasian mainland, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This is manifested in this way that some indicators of climate change comes to the fore maritime, and other kontinentalnost climates, where neither of these features predominates. This area is moderately warm rainy climate in which there is no dry periods during the year, and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. 

Traditional tourist events that are organized in Garešnica September with water Gariglazbijada - musical tourist event, Vincekovo, Fišijada and the like, so far attracted mostly locals.