Town Gospić

A town at the edge of the Lika field in the Velebit foothills. It is a crossroads of routes towards southeastern and northwestern Lika, the Adriatic coast (Karlobag, Senj) and the Plitvice lakes. The Center of županija, city called Gospić, lies on the end of Likas field on hight of 562 meters above the See, on cross-roads, and on the banks of three rivers: Lika, Novčica and Bogdanica.  

The first organized inhabitation of the area was recorded in 1263 as Kaseg or Kasezi. The name Gospić was first mentioned in 1604, which likely originates in the Croatian word for "Lady", "Gospa" or another archaic form, "Gospava".

There are two parks-forests in the extended Gospic area: Jasikovci and Vujnovica Brdo, as well as the Lika museum with a comprehensive exhibition of articles of the Dinarian culture in Croatia. The municipality was the birthplace of such great men as the physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla, and also national thinkers like Ante Starčević.

Licko-senjsku zupanija one can caracterize through 150 kilometers of the most nices croatian mountine Velebit and the cleaniest part of the See with island Pag which is one of the various croatian islands. The position of licko-senjska zupanija is between south - jadranskog ( from See) and north - podunavskog (around river Dunav) area of Croatia. 

Lovers of fishing, hunting, hiking in the wider area will be delighted preservation of wealth of flora and fauna of the Lika region.