Town Ivanec

The long history of this town and green hills of Zagorje with numerous vineyards constitute the basis of tourist development.

The major tourist attraction of Ivanec are hiking tours on Ivancica Mountain - with well-known events such as the excursion of the 1st of May, the Holy Mass on St. John's Day on top of the mountain, the health and recreational excursion (5th of August) under the name Exercise-Health.

Attractions tourist destinations Ivanec and contributes to its tourist attraction is still closer to the countryside. Ivančica range is attractive in the whole of its territory, and not only in the area that belongs to the city Ivanec.

On a lesser distance of 10 km, there is monumental complex of Lepoglava, the castle and castle Klenovnik Maruševec, but something still castles Bela Bela I and II.