Town Ivanić-Grad

In the close vicinity of Zagreb, the metropolis and capital of Croatia, on gentle slopes of Moslavacka gora mountain, lies small historical town Ivanic Grad, about which the records date from the end 11th c. Ivanić Grad is south-east from Zagreb, connected 25 km by highway Bregana-Zagreb-Ivanić-Grad-Slavonski Brod-Lipovac.

In the past, Ivanic Grad was a fortified town on the Lonja island in the middle of marshlands and flooded plains (Ivanic Lonja, 1503). Now it features the town hall with the municipal coat of arms from 1889 and the parish church of St. Peter from 1831.

It seems to be nature's wish to make this town known for its rare and strong medicinal properties, is quite a rarity because it is the second locality where it is found in the world and the only in Europe. Apart from the medicinal oil naphtalane, there is another powerful medicinal agent - hyperthermic brine (sodiumchloride, flouride) which is the residue of the Pannonian Sea. Naftalan health centre is one of the best in Croatia.

With its natural beauty and historical monuments attracting more tourists and visitors. Among other things, they enjoy the benefits of local cuisine and excellent wine droplets. Recreation lovers, however, can relax by walking, biking Moslavine undulating hills, picking mushrooms and other forest products, and its going to come and hunters and fishermen. In hunting, the total area of 5000 hectares, there are several hunting homes, while others can spend the night.