Town Vukovar

A town and river harbour at the entry point of the Vuka river into the Danube. The area of Vukovar was inhabited since the Neolithic times. It is an exceptionally abundant archeological locality, listed among the most important sites of southern Europe.

Vukovar was characteristic for its architecture from the 18th century with covered porticos (arcades) and later historicist buildings, until the Serb aggression in 1991 which resulted in a systematic destruction of the entire town.

Among a number of attractive buildings, severely damaged in the recent war, the most interesting are the castle of the Eltz family (18th c.), Baroque buildings in the centre of the town, the Franciscan monastery, the parish church of St. James, the Orthodox church of St. Nicholas, etc. Outside the town, on the banks of the Danube toward Ilok, is the famous archaeological site, Vucedol.