The printing house delivers the ordered wall maps by delivery vehicle. The product is packed in such a way that it is not damaged by normal handling during transport and delivery. Please that you inspect the goods when taking them over, because we will not be able to accept subsequent complaints.

At the time of receiving the shipment, it is the customer's duty to thoroughly inspect the received goods. Any possible damage to the delivered product must be reported to the delivery person immediately.

If the packaging of the product is damaged, do not pick up the product, but draw the attention of the delivery person to the damage to the packaging and ask them to return the product to the printing house. If the customer does not report the damage to the packaging to the delivery person at the time of taking over the product, it is considered that he took over the product with undamaged packaging.

When receiving the goods, checking the correctness of the order depends on the customer, and the customer is obliged to compare the received products with the invoice.

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