Risnjak National Park map

Very detailed Risnjak National Park map. It shows all main and secondary roads and tertiary roads. For people who want printed maps, the CroMaps series of maps that contain state-wide map coverage for individual states (or pairs of small adjacent states). The maps present a combination of road, topography, cultural and recreational information. These "hybrid maps" are a favorite of people who work and play outdoors in rural areas.

Topographic maps are frequently used by hunters, hikers, skiers, and others seeking outdoor recreation. They are also essential tools of the trade for geologists, surveyors, engineers, construction workers, landscape planners, architects, biologists and many other professions - especially people in the military.

National Park "Risnjak", located in Gorski Kotar, was established in 1953 on an area of 3041 hectares. The base of the park is the Risnjak mountain massif, with a peak at 1,528 meters, and in 1997 The area of the park was increased to 6400 hectares and today the source of the river Kupa is located in the area of the park. The park is a distinct example of the height breakdown of the Dinaric mountain system in relief, geological, hydrological and climatic aspects, plant cover and animal life. The area is divided into two zones: a strict zone and a zone of targeted protection - in the narrower one the zone has many natural sights of rare beauty, which is why it is included in the highest level of protected nature.

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