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Product order

The ordering process is as follows:

via the contact form or simply by e-mail, send a request for the maps that are presented on the CroMaps pages, or if you have a specific need for a region, country, etc. IN we are able to offer any map, city plan, map.

Specify the name of the map, the desired dimension, the type of material/finishing, the quantity. Prices are formed depending on the selected size, material and finishing.

For the R1 account, enter: Company name, company address (street, house number, city and postal code) and OIB of the company.

Upon receipt of the order, we issue an offer, upon receipt of the payment we place the map on our server, and send an e-mail to approve the map for production. The production period is 3 working days. IN in case of a significant number of orders in a short period of time or due to the possible workload of our partners, the deadline can be extended to 7 days.

Payment of the ordered goods is possible only through giro account (by direct bank transfer).