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Cres - CroMapsThe little town of Cres, is located on the north east part of a wide and very sheltered bay which abounds in wide and lovely bathing places. Human activity has from  classical times left a whole series of monuments through which we can imagine in our mind’s eye the laborious life of man in this area.

Today’s space is marked by the medieval port called a “mandrač”, by Gothic and Renaissance churches and monasteries, palaces of noble families and the remains of the city fortifications. Right up to the end of the Venetian period Cres existed entirely within the city walls, and outside the urban space there were only two monasteries. Great changes took place  with the development of shipping and ship-building, which were at the zenith in the mid-19th century. The town spread  along the coast towards the south and west.  At the turn of the century, Cres started taking in visitors in its two hotels.

As well as beds available in private accommodation, Cres has today an excellently equipped marina with more than 400 moorings.

The most important historical and cultural buildings in Cres:
· Three city gates, Bragadina, Marcela and St Michael, from the  16th century.
· The round corner tower in the north west of the city.
· Church of St Isidore, 12th century.
· A series of Gothic, Later Gothic and Renaissance churches and chapels, of which the most important is  St. Mary of the Snows, 16th century, with a bell-tower from the 18th century.
· City loggia with the stocks.
· Franciscan monastery of ca 1300, with St Francis’ Church, 14th century, and a bell-tower of the 18th century.
· Benedictine nunnery, 15th century.
· Petris family palace, 15th century, now housing a museum.


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