FAQ CroMaps

Frequent questions about using CroMaps web page , look for the answers and suggestions below:

[1] Who are the visitors of CroMaps portal ?

Even CroMaps portal have mostly touristic offer and gives informations for the tourists about the place which he plans to visit, it is also an ideal place for receiving relevant informations.

CroMaps visitors are:
Domestic / Foerign tourists
CroMaps is the only webpage that offers exact location of hotels etc. on the map. Tourist can get information about doctors, stores, caffes ... that are in the near of the hotel. Also he can get information about social events as concerts, outdoor event,...

Residents of the town
Domestic population have similar interest as tourists, for getting informations about social events, sales in the stores ...

Economy subjects
Companies gives informations about their work and location. They can implement link on CroMaps navigator on their own web pages. Also they put banners on CroMaps web page.

Restaurants and caffe bars
Inform visitors about events to attract many guests.
Becouse webpage is oriented on tourism, there is a lot touristic subjects registerd on page.

Trough CroMaps portal visitors can sent directly to hotel a query.
In plan is to develeop sms querry notification how it could be answerd on time to potential customer.

By getting informations about touristic offer tourists can come better prepeared to vacation or bussines trip.

[2] What makes CroMaps unique and different from other similar web pages ?

CroMaps page is translated on three world languages. Alouds direct contact of the owner of the place and the guest, without agency provisions. Has attractive content and a lot of maps.

[3] What kind of advertising offers CroMaps and how much does it costs ?

On first place are yellow pages and location of the subject on the map, price is : from 500 to 700 kn + tax for one year. Clients that take place in yellow pages for 700 kn can for 200 kn get link on the bottom of the first CroMaps page that include one page of text and 5 photos.

Second way of advertising are banners that have link on your web pages. Prices are for period of one mont, and they depend of the location and the size of the banner.
Third way is sponsored attraction, text is positioned in central part of the web page below the list of the maps.

[4] Is it allowed to take the content of the web page CroMaps?

It is not. Please read text conditions for using. Using others materials for personal needs is steel, because somebodies work is that on what he has spent his time, knowledge and money. In Croatian law to autor it is allowed triple protection.

[5] Maps

Printed maps are popular but internet maps offers more informations.
That fact is actual in GPS-a i satellite navigation company VA-COPY Multimedia soon will offer CroMobile navigatorTM Active GPS navigation system for your mobile phone. With CroMobile navigator program and Bluetooth GPS receiver your mobile becomes perfect lider trough Europe or America.