Tactile maps

The news at CroMap is that small-scale users can order a tactile map, enough to deliver the desired location - the address of any city and we will make sure that we print it and deliver it as soon as possible. Examples can be found in our web store only3dprint.com.

Tactile cards for weak people, evacuation plans for public buildings, shopping mall schedules, birthday cards, good congratulations ... our 3D tactile "prints" are high quality and durable displays.

The International Day of the White Rod is marked every year on October 15, but the problems of people who are injured and permanently lost sight last for all 365 days a year. Nowadays we can not imagine not just movement, but also learning the blind people of geography, history and other objects without tactile maps. Low-limbed people with the aid of tactile cards relieve the movement.

Certainly not the first time we saw a 3D print that was used to create charts for people with visual impairment. Touch Mapper maps differ in their visibility. The tactical maps are very detailed and include views of buildings, railways, roads and waterways, at various scales. Different altitudes and textures differentiate between different topography, most of the bodies of the water represent wavy surfaces, while less current is only a narrow line. Pedestrian roads are raised more than other roads, because the blind people are more often used. The selected user address is marked as a raised cone, and the northeast corner map is specially marked to ensure proper orientation.