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Terms of use

    1. The Internet is an international network not directly controlled by CroMaps (hereinafter referred to as CroMaps). CroMaps cannot guarantee that the online service will always be available at any time. CroMaps assumes no responsibility for damages arising from the use of the Internet as a media service. Each portal user uses the service at his own risk.
    2. All information on the CroMaps portal is subject to change by the CroMaps editor without notice.
    3. Each user of this portal understands and agrees that CroMaps reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to limit or terminate the rights of access to its services if used in an inappropriate manner and that CroMaps bears no liability to the user of the service for any possible damage that would cause the same could result from the forced termination of service. CroMaps has the right to ask service users for reimbursement of costs caused by unauthorized use of the CroMaps service.
    4. Each user of this portal agrees to use the portal in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and the relevant international regulations, in a reasonable volume and always in good faith. The portal user may not use the portal to publish or transmit information that does not comply with existing Croatian and international laws. The service user agrees not to use the portal to publish or transmit information that he or she knows or assumes to be false and the use of which could harm other users. The portal user may not post or transmit promotional or advertising material that contains false information, false statements, or claims. The portal user agrees not to send or transmit advertising or promotional material to other Internet users without their consent and not to publish them in places not provided for such materials. The user of the service may not publish classified information of any person, company, service or other entity. and agrees not to post, transmit, or transmit offensive, threatening, vulgar, racist or chauvinistic content.
    5. CroMaps reserves the right to inform its service users by email or in writing of changes, new services and other data related to CroMaps.
    6. By accepting these terms of use, the user agrees that the portal services may include advertisements, notices, admin messages and similar messages for the regular notification of portal visitors / users and the normal functioning of all portal services and content.
    7. Branka Poljak fully disclaims any liability that may in any way arise from, or in any way related to the use of, the portal for any actions of users / visitors by using or misusing content on the CroMaps portal, and for any damage that may occur user / visitor or any third party in connection with the use or misuse of the portal content.
    8. Content on the CroMaps portal is copyrighted. Documents, data and information published on the CroMaps portal may not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used for commercial purposes without the express consent of Branka Poljak or in any way that may cause harm to Branka Poljak or any third party. Documents, data and information published on the portal can be used only for the individual needs of users and at their own responsibility, respecting all copyrights, property rights and rights of third parties. All information contained on the CroMaps portal, including its graphic appearance, is the property of Branka Poljak, and copying them, in whole or in part, or any use contrary to these Terms is a violation of copyright law.