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CroMaps info system is a guide based on touch screen technology making it as easy as possible to use with a multilingual interface, information including images, tone, animations, text, video and use of the Croatian map, city plans and county maps . All maps are our own copyrighted works to which we have exclusive rights, and which we can exclusively transfer to legal entities with the Agreement in writing. 1997. We conceptually designed and made the first interactive presentations and set up the first information kiosks (touch screen) in Croatia, ordered from the Croatian National Tourist Board (15 pieces). Example of an application for an info terminal set

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up on the beach in Novi Vinodolski CroMaps info system and its structure: • multimedia application running at info kiosks • digital county maps and city plans, navigation • databases of economic entities, image galleries ... • an application that allows the display of the info kiosk

CroMaps info system for data administration, editor using password: • enter and update data from any computer • enters event information, upgrades data in databases • modifies, updates and keeps texts up to date, adds images to galleries, etc. • reviews kiosk access statistics, the possibility of installing options according to the customer's request

Turist info terminal img
• training of administrators and written documentation for data administration The kiosk only has an app for displaying and presenting videos. All data is processed on the server. Multimedia maps are connected to the server so that in addition to the basic program, by connecting to the Internet, you get newer requested data, such as news, events, notifications ... Distribution of information to tourists, thanks to our knowledge and experience and cooperation with a Slovenian company unrivaled in this sector, we have delivered complete solutions for indoor and outdoor public areas.