Island Krk topographic map

Very detailed Island Krk topographic map. It shows all main and secondary roads and tertiary roads. For people who want printed maps, the CroMaps series of maps that contain state-wide map coverage for individual states (or pairs of small adjacent states). The maps present a combination of road, topography, cultural and recreational information. These "hybrid maps" are a favorite of people who work and play outdoors in rural areas.

Topographic maps are frequently used by hunters, hikers, skiers, and others seeking outdoor recreation. They are also essential tools of the trade for geologists, surveyors, engineers, construction workers, landscape planners, architects, biologists and many other professions - especially people in the military.

The island of Krk belongs to the Kvarner group of islands located in the northern Adriatic between the Istrian peninsula in the west and the Croatian coast in the east. It is surrounded by the Vinodol Canal from the east, The Gulf of Rijeka from the northwest and Kvarnerić from the southwest. Until 1993, Krk was considered the largest Adriatic island. At the beginning of that year, the Geodetic Institute of Rijeka with modern computer measurements, he obtained the information that the islands of Krk and Cres are completely identical in area, which caused a sensation among the public because Krk was considered larger than Cres by about 5km², and because it seemed incredible that two neighboring islands have a completely identical surface area. The reason that for decades the surfaces of these two islands have been wrongly depicted is this that the measurement of their areas for the first and last time was in 1823, and since then the data was only copied. However, given that the level of the Adriatic Sea is gradually rising rises, and the shores of the island of Cres are steeper than those of Krk, it is to be expected that in the near future Cres will become the largest island in the Adriatic.

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