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The production of an orthophoto map is based on an oriented digital photogrammetric image and a digital relief model. An orthophoto map is a planimetrically correct aerial photograph, which, by metric properties, fully corresponds to a map of the same scale, and the user assumes the role of a decoder or interpreter and interprets the displayed image from his own experience. Using orthophoto:
as a base layer in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, for spatial planning,

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for the planning of geodetic works in the field,
supplementing the data of classical topographic maps,
assistance in simulations and visualizations of spaces and events in space,
the orthophoto cannot completely replace the classic maps and basic topographic plans and is not suitable for capturing objects with larger height differences (eg buildings, etc.), etc.

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Display suitable for info boards as well. 3D City model on your own sketch. Now you have an opportunity to get the city on your own sketch! Tell us about your project and the city configuration you need. We are ready to get start to work on it. 3D Cities Products are an essential ingredient to virtual city implementations. Combining a strong visual appearance with a standards-compliant relational objects database, 3D Cities offers building and geospatial feature accuracy.