A business card with information related to products or services, with the labels of your company, appears as an interesting marketing support for your efforts to stand out in the market. A meeting room can leave a strong impression on clients. Present your business on a wall chart, customers will be happy to visualize your business. Business charts can help you come up with fresh, creative ideas for a working meeting with your sales agents. Tag your business units or outlets.

Sales organizations can use location maps not only to define sales areas, but also to analyze and perform sales. The process of dividing sales territories requires foresight to ensure that the company has room to grow.


Poorly arranged sales territories can lead to poor employee morale, customer losses and waste of valuable resources.

Be a strategist.
Start by strategically meeting revenue targets in small areas. From that point on, you can then gradually increase your sales territories.

Understand your clientele.
It is important to collect as much information as possible about your customers. Knowing the type of customers you are aiming for, their locations (physical or virtual) and the resources needed to reach your goals will help you set sales territories in the future.

Maintain balance.
It is important that sales areas are balanced.


If the sales representative has poor performance, he should not be assigned a smaller territory. The answer should be to assign that particular area to the sales representative who suits him best.

Map analysis
Maps are a good way to illustrate geography-related data. You can quickly visualize unemployment rates, voting results, business statistics and more.

Cartography can also be successfully used to display the world's resources, the exploitation of the world's natural resources, for any publication.

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