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Printed city maps - free for citizens

Currently in print, the city of Koprivnica - business entities of the city of Koprivnica, donate city maps to citizens free of charge

We distribute printed city plans to citizens for free in the area of a particular city, neighborhood, and businesses supporting the project. Such publications are for information only and are printed in copies of 6,000 to 30,000 copies, with more important information needed for daily life. The mapping portal enables you to interactively or in print display your products, services and activities where you will be constantly present with your customers. Show your customer all the benefits of your business and the services you provide over your competition.

You have complete control over the content and layout of the ads. All maps are our own copyrighted works to which we have exclusive rights, and which we are solely able to transfer to legal entities with the Agreement in writing.

With the conviction that you will find your interest, and with one of the ads take a prominent place in this kind of promotional edition of the city or region plan, we are free to offer you the possibility of advertising according to the price list of the inventory. All additional information and details can be obtained by contacting our marketing consultants, who will give you a quality presentation of all the opportunities and benefits of advertising on this project.